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Dairy Queen Reviews

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  • Ice cream soup

    I had the worst service I've ever experienced tonight!! I saw the commercial on tv for the "fabulous" blizzard in a waffle cone. I thought I would try it. I order 2 blizzards in waffle cones and one mini blizzard. First off the cashier was rude and kept cutting me off at the drive thru speaker. Then she wasn't very friendly at the window either. She gave me the mini blizzard first Ofcourse with a napkin around it considering it was ice team soup already!! Then the next one was a waffle cone that was placed in a cup with ice cream spilling over the side it was so melted.... More...
    Sbelton92's Picture   Sbelton92    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poo in Shrimp Basket

    My husband, daughter, friend, and I went to our local DQ. My daughter and I decided to share a Shrimp Basket. I ate part of a shrimp and noticed a black "vein". I squeezed, and poo came out. NO JOKE! It was then that I remembered that the black "vein" is supposed to be taken out because it contains shrimp feces. And it was not the only shrimp with a black vein. I got sick, went to the bathroom, and threw up. My daughter didn't finish eating it either. I told them at the cash register what had happened. We got a 4 piece chicken basket instead, but an hour later, my... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    deniserae81's Picture   deniserae81    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad attitude and blizzard wrong

    I went through the drive thru and ordered an oreo cookie blizzard. Receiving my blizzard and driving away I was eating it and noticed there were no chunks of cookie at all--it was totally blended. Driving back and showing them they said that is how they are, then the man took mine and hurled it into the trash. He promptly made a new one and then said "now I suppose you are going to tell me it isn't blended all the way to the bottom!" I told him he had a bad attitude and he was still yelling at me as I drove away. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Blizzardlover's Picture   Blizzardlover    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen Employee

    I went through the drive through around 9 PM, once I got to the window where you order I rolled down mine to order and whoever was working just stared at me. He didn't say one word to me just looked at me. So I said hello and he just continued to look at me so I ordered my food then he told me the total amount. I then gave him my money he handed me my change and said next window, then shut the window without another word. I work in the restaurant business and even though I have rough days at work, it is NEVER a reason to not even say Hi to a customer when they pull up to order. I am... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    CKhanzada's Picture   CKhanzada    0 Comments   Comments

    I visited DQ on Phelan in Beaumont TX, let me say that the service ( if you can call it service) was awful. The team members were chatting while I was trying to place my order and the girl at the drive-thru window was rude. The food is disgusting, it was my first and last time eating at a DQ, NEVER again. I paid $26.00 for 3 meals that were cold, old lettuce, and a chicken sandwich half that appeared to have been placed in the microwave. I am extremely disappointed. The food and service was mediocre. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    tellthemhow's Picture   tellthemhow    0 Comments   Comments
  • False advertising

    I live in louisville Ky and have visit 3 different dairy queens in the last week. I order the red velvet blizzard that's advertised all over the sign etc. but the crazy thing is no stores carry it. I've heard the same thing from all 3 stores "we don't have any cream cheese icing for the blizzard". I could understand being out for the day or maybe even two but the store in fern creek hasn't had any in a week. I feel like that's bad business - if you don't have it don't advertise it. More...
    Bethany's Picture   Bethany    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen Bella Vista, AR - Hair in Food

    Found a hair in the food. Manager was horribly rude, she said everyone has hair, can't be helped. I wanted my money back on the meal. She only wanted to give money back on one item. She handled the whole ordeal terribly. How she got to be manager is beyond me. Her answer to a hair in the food was "everyone has hair" and she announced it to everyone at the counter! I guess that was just in case any other customers found hair in their food too! The hair was bad enough, but the manager was horribly rude!!! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    DQ72714's Picture   DQ72714    0 Comments   Comments
  • Grose Food for a Grose amount of money!

    Several months ago I bought a BBQ sandwich that I couldn't eat because it was so tasteless! I was going to send in a complaint but never did. Today (2/2/14) I went to a different DQ location here in Jacksonville, Florida and was disappointed yet again. Me and my family purchased blizzards to the tune of $30 and was surprised that they forgot to add flavor to our order. It looked like ice cream but had less taste than water and The cookie dough chunks would have made some inedible cookies. I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT DQ! Hell, I wouldn't eat there if they were giving away... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Guitarted's Picture   Guitarted    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen employee

    I've been working at Dairy Queen for a while now. And I try my best to have a great attitude. Because I know how much that can affect the environment an people surrounding me. But it also helps ME when the people I'm attending have a good and patient attitude as well. I'm sorry if your food takes some time to be cooked well so you don't have bad uncooked food. I just don't understand why you customers have to get mad at the person in the counter. I can't control how long the cooks prepare your food. But I sure can bring it out to you as soon as it's ready.... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Cunfuzled's Picture   Cunfuzled    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cold meat on burger

    Poor manager at this location. I requested to see him when I realized that they had charged me extra for Jalapenos instead of fries, I ask if I could have those instead of fries and they said ok, but did not tell me they would charge more. I ask to see the manager and he offered to throw the jalapenos away and bring fries. I told him I ordered them because I wanted them I felt he should remove them from the bill. If I had been told it cost more at the time of order I would have still ordered them, but it was my choice at that time to pay extra. We also ordered a 6 piece steak basket, but... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    CPitney's Picture   CPitney    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen Canton GA- Terrible Servie

    Just stopped by the Canton DQ w/ wife to pickup a "sm. choc cone and sm choc chip blizzard w/little xtra choc"/ ordered both and gave young girl a $1 tip/ given swirl cone and when asked for choc only like I ordered she gave me one and cut the small size to midget size/ I told her that was not nice and I did not appreciate it/ then got blizzard and did not have enough choc in it to see the choc chips when asked for more choc she said she put serving amount in it and I asked if she could just pour a little on top and she repeated her serving amount answer/ left the blizzard w/her... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    dqnomore's Picture   dqnomore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Texas DQ burgers are bunk.

    My first job was at a DQ in Westbrook, ME, when I was 15-years-old and I have continued to love DQ all my life across the country. Recently, I was driving, from NM, through TX along Hwy. 287 and stopped at a few DQs to eat along the way. The burgers across the board were not up to DQ standard at all. They didn't even taste like a Brazier burger. It tasted like a bad Whataburger/Griff's burger! Seriously, I threw every burger away and went elsewhere to buy a new meal. DQ's in Texas have lost my business for good. My DQ in Albuquerque, on Katherine/San Mateo, tastes just fine.... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    MellyMel's Picture   MellyMel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen Hermitage, TN

    I went to Dairy Queen the other day on a quick lunch break. I usually have more time, so I don't go to DQ. THANK GOD!!!! My burger was mediocre, big surprise. What I did not expect was the agonizing stomach pains, vomiting, and diarrhea that occurred a few hours later. I ended up missing work for the rest of the day, but for the next day as well (so much for a quick lunch), and was not feeling up to par until the third day. Bad enough, right? Nope, then I tried calling the location to warn them that something had made me sick (save them some trouble, right?). Nope. She... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    TrimCardo1964's Picture   TrimCardo1964    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oh happy day...!!!

    Today my family and went out to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, as a quick late time treat. I didn't expect to have had such a wonderful trip! As soon as we walked through the doors we were welcomed warmly and kindly by this wonderful women named Georgia! She was kind, smiling, and patient (as there was 5 of us)! After we finished ordering and sat down she even brought us our ice cream! My father has one leg from serving in the military and this was so kind and absolutely outstanding, I would suggest going here :) Especially to see Mrs. Georgia!! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Crystal20's Picture   Crystal20    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen is terrible

    New location opened this week in Rochester, NY. I was very disappointed. The food was pricey but I figured it would be worth it... WRONG. The drink that came with the meal was small and I literally got 9 fries. It's a joke. Cashier couldn't even count the change right, it took her longer to do that then it did for the food to be done. Needless to say I will not be returning and I certainly will discourage anyone from spending their money at that place. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    CR14616's Picture   CR14616    1 Comments   Comments
  • Good Service - Lino Lakes!

    I want to give my kudo's to the kid's working the DQ in Lino Lakes outside of Centerville, MN. I had been riding my bike for over ten miles and the day was hot, 95 degrees hot. As I pulled up into the drive through, I was greeted by a kind young man. He stated, "Sir, I am sorry sir, but we can not serve you through the drive through on your bicycle, you will need to come". He took my order for a medium cone and a strawberry Julius. By the time I got to the counter inside it was ready. The rest of the kids in the shop were pleasant and kind as well. Great job! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    CAP1's Picture   CAP1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flavor of the month

    Sunday, AUGUST 10, 2013 Earlier today, my son made a trip to the DQ in Union Mo, on Denmark Rd. I told him I wanted the flavor of the month, which iI knew is the triple berry brownie blizzard. When he returned I was in the middle of something,and told him to just put it in the freezer. At 9pm that evening I got my blizzard from the freezer and was ready to enjoy that triple berry brownie blizzard. I opened the Blizzard. IT WAS A PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARD. I WAS REALLY UPSET BECAUSE I WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT AFTER A STRESSFUL DAY! I called my son and asked what he ordered and he... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Terrible DQ Food/ People Working

    I went to my normal DQ on Lyndale Ave in Bloomington, MN, today with my family. We ordered our meals with Arthur, who had the WORST attitude I have ever heard before and he was also the assistant manager. I have dealt with his man before, and he was also the same way, so maybe he is just a rude person. So we deal with him and his attitude, and we go to sit down. All the tables are super dirty. We wait, and wait. I saw that there was a ton of employees behind the counter, so I don't know what was taking them so long, but they all were children. 'Attitude' finally comes out... More...
  • Dairy Queen Expectations

    I work at Dairy Queen, and trust me I bust my ass off more than anyone else there. I work up front (register) and I am very polite. However, it amazes me how rude people are these days. First off, it's fast food. I don't care if DQ claims it's not, you damn well know that it is. So what does that mean everyone? It means that you shouldn't expect gourmet food to be out within one minute. I have to take orders, pass out food, and make sure the entire store is clean all at the same time while we are usually busy. Dairy Queen is usually short staffed because the stores are... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    noelkat's Picture   noelkat    1 Comments   Comments
  • funny tasting blizzard

    purchased 4 blizzards on the evening of 7/202013. My daughter said hers tasted funny.(oreo flavor) I tasted it and it had a well water after taste. Took it back at the drive-thru and asked for another flavor. Manager looked at it and asked when we purchased it. We had purchased it, sat in parking lot eating and then back in drive thru that had 5 cars stacked. He asked for a receipt. I guess having a quarter eaten blizzard and 3 other empy blizzard containers was not proof enough. handed him the receipt. He said it is melting, that is why it tasted funny. I guess the product is... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Gary2bob's Picture   Gary2bob    2 Comments   Comments
  • dairy queens blizzards

    ok so you say you pride yourself on your blizzards, well i have something to say about them first off we waited 5 min. to even talk to someone while in the drive through and you want to know what we were the only ones in line. then when we get up to the window to get our blizzards it took another min. and i saw the worker blending the blizzard like he was trying to make a milkshake. i didnt want a milkshake if i wanted a milkshake i would have made it myself. so next time someone orders a blizzard dont over mix it. p.s thank you for reminding me on why i NEVER go to dairy queen... oh and... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    tiffy1928's Picture   tiffy1928    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great vs Terrible Customer Service

    I went to the Dairy Queen in Hobbs and the young lady that waited on me (should have gotten her name) didn't say anything to me as I walked up to her to place my order. She told me the total I paid her, wasn't given a receipt NOTHING. A lady name Patricia came to the counter shortly after and she greeted EVERYONE that came through the door, talked with them as they placed their order, took sundaes to the table of a ederly couple. SHE made me happy that I stopped there. KUDDOS TO YOU PATRICIA! Thats excellent customer service! This rating is for you More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    SHARLEW's Picture   SHARLEW    0 Comments   Comments
  • Out of Ice Cream and Hot Fudge - Poor Service

    We attempt to patronize our local DQ at least once a week. We get the same experience every time we go, they are ALWAYS out of something, tonight it was Hot Fudge and Ice Cream. Every visit there are at least two customers walk out or drive away mad. One customer ordered a salad and the lettuce was wilted. The next customer ordered a hamburger with lettuce and pickle, they were out of lettuce. (Same visit, maybe they should have put the wilted lettuce on the hamburger :) ) In another instance, they made an Ice Cream Cake for a 50th Birthday, and honestly looked like a kindergartner made... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    mluther's Picture   mluther    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint about service

    My daugher and I went to your store in Minden, NV at 1 p.m. today, June 15. She ordered what she wanted and I order a $5 meal. I ordered the small sundae that goes with the meal. I never got it. I told the young lady twice and my small order and she blew me off, ordered on another order. The young man who took our order also told her. I was not going to make a fuss in a crowded restaurant. But I was not happy. It is partly the company's fault. You order a sundae, but if you pick it up after eating, they don't know whether you ordered it or not Ed Vogel v More...
    edvogel's Picture   edvogel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible new employee service and product

    I normally go to Dairy Queen at least once every couple of weeks. I understand that on occasion there are going to be new employees. However, today I got the WORST service and product from the Dairy Queen on Wellesley in Spokane,WA that I have ever gotten. Apparently the owners had to hire ALL new crew because only one person seemed to know what she was doing and she wasn't that great. No one was smiling and it was pretty apparent that they did not want customers. I ordered a late lunch or early dinner and it was ok. However, when I went back up to order dessert, I was treated... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    exela1996's Picture   exela1996    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen's blizzard,cones and chocolate ice-cream

    My husband and I go yo several locations. almost none of them know how to make a blizzard. They do not get the cup full. All the chunks are on top and plain ice-cream is all you have in the rest. I feel you need to train your employees to make a correct blizzard. We also like cones dipped in chocolate. My husband can odr a large and I can ordeer a medium. We pay different prices but they comeout the same size or mine is larger than his. they don't even fill the cone to the edges. it is narrow and there is all this cone left on the side. I also like chocolate ice-cream.Some of your... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    sunshine74's Picture   sunshine74    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queens busy lunch rush

    At the Bloomington location on Old Shakopee Road me and my daughter went to this DQ as we do a few times a year. Today it seemed busy during a lunch rush. The manager on duty, a 20 something with brown hair, seemed to handle this lunch rush very well. There was people after people nonstop for the whole 45 minutes we were there. I was very impressed how composed he was while trying to get food out and manage the crew. They seemed short staff but when I asked he said everyone that was supposed to be there was accounted for. Although they were busy the food came out at a steady pase and it... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    noname0317's Picture   noname0317    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dairy Queen POOR customer service

    I made an error, as people do, when placing a gift card order online. I immediately called to fix the problem. Their stuttering, mumbling answer, "I'm sorry, once you place an order there is nothing we can do to change it." What?! So then I asked when they would arrive, and they couldn't tell me that, either. It was RIDICULOUS, in my opinion, that there was absolutely nothing they could do to help me or even express that they felt bad that their process is so messed up! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    lcstanek's Picture   lcstanek    0 Comments   Comments

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Dairy Queen Comments

queendean says: (3 weeks ago)
Ok, we had supper last night at the DQ in Steeleville,IL and my supper was awful!! My son & I fries were COLD!! My hamburger & bun was hard...We havent been in THAT DQ since over a year ago!! Last time we were there we saw roaches & ants!! The ladies were only standing around doing nothing, and lady was out flirting with some guy!! It got crowed and they got in NO hurry to get our order & get us out on our way!! I am a very unhappy customer right now!!! Tracy Dean

jackwilli says: (2 months ago)
Today march 1st my wife and I stopped for lunch at the DQ on Henderson in Cleburne Tx for lunch. About half way through my hamburger a pensil eraser with the metal part still attached was in my mouth with the bite of hamburger. Fortunately I felt the piece before I bit into it. My question is, how could you not see something that large when putting the hamburger together? Was this an accident or was it done on purpose?

wildriderodeo says: (7 months ago)
OK So I go to the Dairy Queen on September 25, 2013 at 3:45pm in BLOOMINGTON, TEXAS....and order a peanut buster parfait....I watched the guy make it and when he got to the part of putting the peanuts in..HE USED HIS HANDS WITHOUT GLOVES...Then when he got to the part of putting the hot fudge on the top he put the wrong thing and wiped it off with his finger and added ice cream to that part to cover up what he just done....How Freakin' Gross...He opened the window to hand it to me and I told him I had a problem with him using his hands after touching the cash register the machines and God only knows what else...and he acted like he was mad at me...The nerve of people.... I would really like to hear from someone that has power to do something about this...They can feel free to email me at wildriderodeo@yahoo.com

ranger95 says: (7 months ago)
I miss the steak finger baskets ! I live in Nevada from Texas where they were served ! Bring them back !

Deb0423 says: (10 months ago)
Went to DQ #4287 (Midland City, AL) order # f-0050 1:41 pm 6/30/13. Service was great very well greeted. Order served as ordered. If in area drop by!!! Resturant clean and orderly. Thanks DQ!

taimaishu4u2 says: (11 months ago)
I agree that at times I can be a penny pincher, so I save coupons that are worth a bit of value. Purchased a few boxes of cereal (Cheerios)and it offered 1 free Blizzard expired end of May and 1 free Orange Julius which I good until end of July. Having said that, I wanted to redeem for a Julius (small) but noticed when I walked into the DQ store there was a big sign on door that these coupons will not be accepted at this location. Decided to walk in and find out why, cause last week they redeemed my other coupon. Comment" Manager says we are not making any money from these coupons and therefore I do not need to honour them" I was always under the impression that there is an agreement, in this case with Cheerios and DQ, to be re-imbursed for any loss accumulated from these coupons. Not only is DQ giving themselves a bad reputation but they are also giving the makers of 'Cheerios" a bad rap too.
What ever happened to customer service and honour valid coupons. Really p--sed. Kitcher, ON Ottawa Street Location

ashlasha says: (1 year ago)
I live in Chickasha, Oklahoma and I can honestly say that I enjoy going to D.Q. The last time I went. The food took a little while to cook, and once I got my order I was missing onion rings... So, I went inside and told them that I just came through the drive thru and that they didn't give me onion rings. The manager was extremely nice about it. She gave me two orders of onion rings, free of charge, and offered to give me my money back for the whole order. She was understanding to the employees as well. I plan on going back because of how nice the manager was.

carolc says: (1 year ago)
Dairy Queen in Ellsworth Ks, won't take the internet coupon that is sent out by DQ. I think that is just wrong.

mzqueen12 says: (2 years ago)
i work at a Dairy Queen In Yakima Washington @ 801 E. Yakima Ave 98901, and im ashamed to say i work there...to see that my managers are too cheap that they reuse there hamburger buns...they dont make cooks wear hairnets and they hire people that are rude to the customers...and they said that there gunna fire me for talking..haha. they are currently gunna be sued by me. one of the managers sexually harrassed me, they hit there emlpoyees. There horriable in every way!!! the managers and the owner are racist and rude!!! i reccomend no one attend that dq.

joeham says: (2 years ago)
Sabine dairy queen libertycity. 07/11/12 ordered at the drive through ordered a hungerbuster and a 6family piece steack finger basket. When i talked to the lady she asked me if i wanted chesse on the buger i said yes and ask what did i want with my steack i told her. I drove up to the window and told her please make sure my order was rigjt because in the past it had been wrong. She said no problem theay had top notch cooks i said great cuase i live 20 m away it was raining hard i got my food drove home. My steack was chicken went back the manger told me i took to long and that was what i ordered and she would do nothing about it but call the cops. I told her i will never go back she said thats ok so if thats how yall treat people then i will never eat at dairy queen again. Please resond joe-hambright@hotmail.com

joeham says: (2 years ago)
Sabine dairy queen libertycity. 07/11/12 ordered at the drive through ordered a hungerbuster and a 6family piece steack finger basket. When i talked to the lady she asked me if i wanted chesse on the buger i said yes and ask what did i want with my steack i told her. I drove up to the window and told her please make sure my order was rigjt because in the past it had been wrong. She said no problem theay had top notch cooks i said great cuase i live 20 m away it was raining hard i got my food drove home. My steack was chicken went back the manger told me i took to long and that was what i ordered and she would do nothing about it but call the cops. I told her i will never go back she said thats ok so if thats how yall treat people then i will never eat at dairy queen again. Please resond joe-hambright@hotmail.com

deathpunch says: (2 years ago)
My better half works at a dairy queen for a couple of years now couple of weeks ago the store was sold. the new owner comes in the door in the morning and first thing out of his mouth to my better half was Whats cooking Good Lookiing!!well she is very good looking only i dont think it is his place to be makeing this typ of remark to her infact im shure his wife would be interested to hear how he is comeing on to my better half.what are the policys of dairy queen corp to keep a piece of crap owner like this in line so that he knows this kind of behaver will not be tolarated!!!

klsycamore says: (2 years ago)
I ordered a butterfinger blizzard ice cream cake that cost me about $30.00 at the Dairy Queen in Dekalb, Illinois. It was for my daughter's sweet 16 birthday party. I was telling all of the kids that it was a butterfinger blizzard ice cream cake,so they were all excited about it. When I cut into the cake, there was hardly any butterfinger ice cream in it - about a centimeter thick. All of the kids were disappointed and especially my daughter. Everyone was throwing most of their cake in the garbage. I called the Dairy Queen the next day to complain about it, only to be told that the girl who made it used wrong proportions. That was it!!!!!!! She did not try to make up for it at all!!!!!!! I will never set foot in there again! Complete rip-off!!!!

Cappy says: (3 years ago)
The new dairy queen commercials are completely ridiculous, absolutely horrible. I don't know what chest hairs have to do with selling ice cream and burgers but you can bet that I will be boycotting Dairy Queen for all of their terrible commercials

rtrejo says: (3 years ago)
On 5/14/11 at 5:30PM we Went to a DQ inside the Westroads Mall in Omaha NE. We asked for 3 blizzards and one extra Julius straberry banana shake. One of the blizards was just vainilla ice cream when we asked for a straberry chesequake. Just about 20% eaten the cup was full of vainalla ice cream with nothing else. Talked to the manager and even the OWNER!!! and they care less about the fact, in top of bad blizzard, their service was poor. They wanted to charge us 53 cents per exra strawberry not counting ant cheese squares. Ridiculous!! Never to go back to location, a shame that the owner preferred having a bad review than fixing one ice cream.

justourstuff1 says: (4 years ago)
I used to go to our nearest DQ (West Maple Dr, Omaha, NE) at least 3x a week, but will no longer. I'm tired of my order being incorrect. When I order a Tropical Blizzard (banana, pecans, coconut) I get the Hawiian (pineapple instead of banana). I HATE pineapple!!! I called the store and spoke with the assitant manager who "assured" me he would post the Topical reciped and coach his staff. Well, this worked for 2 weeks - I just got another pineapple bizzard.DQ used to be a great place to go... now their service STINKS!

ruichiu says: (5 years ago)
I have a son who is SEVERELY autistic. As a resulty of his behavioral problems, we go out very infrequently and only to places we are well known. One such is our local DQ. All the staff know us and are remarkably kind to my son. However tonight as we were eating in the dining area, a young hispanic girl working drive thru came in to eat her dinner. Her boyfriend (I assume) was with her. My son squealed, smacked his face, ..his usual behavior due to his disability. She has seen us in there many times and knows my child. As we got up to leave, her boyfriend swore us out and insulted us. This young woman laughed and walked off. We have been going to this DQ for 3 years and now will never set foot back in there and I am telling all the other families in our support group. It was completely inappropriate and while the man does not work there, the girl is an emplyee who laughed at this man swearing at me and my child. I called the manager and feel he was not very interested--we left immediately as my child was upset by the stranger yelling. The manager wont do anything, and i cannot get ahold of the store owner. I fully intend to make it known your company is not friendly or safe for differently abled children,

as462 says: (5 years ago)
I am from Seattle WA, and I went to a Dairy Queen for the first time and bought a blizzard. They were supposed to be STIFF and something that looks like an ice cream shake. Well, it was all watery and shit.

AnnaM says: (5 years ago)
I just went through the drive-thru @ the DQ in Mitchell, SD and I was so impressed by the drive-thru order taker I would have never guessed that she was as young as she is with the greeting and patience in her voice you would have thought it was a slow night for you. Yet there lobby was FULL and drive-thru was out to Havens St.LONG LINE! 50% off everything day. She was so calm and collect. Even when I got to the window which took granted 10 min. ONLY because the woman in front of me decided she wanted to extend her order and get a chix strip meal. but from ordering @ the speaker till the woman in front of me held things up it only took barely 5 min. I hope you are proud of EVERY ONE of your crew members. It's been awhile since I have ate there and I can't wait to come back for MORE! Anna

sparklingxdiamond says: (5 years ago)
Everytime I go to the Dairy Queens in Nacogdoches, Texas they always have runny blizzards not mixed up well and are very dirty inside. Whenever I go out of town to Dairy Queens they always flip the blizzards upside down but in Nacogdoches they don't.

nana8544 says: (5 years ago)
pumpkin pie blizzard should sell the monthes of oct. nov. and dec.

willy1 says: (6 years ago)
Has there double cheese burgers in Shelybville IL. It wouldn't them to my dog They were rotten and foul tasting

kristy says: (6 years ago)
Talk about a rip off! What is up with the size of the chicken strips? I think they'd be better off calling it a chicken nugget basket. Price goes up size goes down that goes for the treats at DQ as well.

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